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PCBC 3 Audition P6 :iconred-angel-keyo:Red-Angel-Keyo 1 5 PCBC Audition P5 :iconred-angel-keyo:Red-Angel-Keyo 1 5 PCBC 3 Audition P4 :iconred-angel-keyo:Red-Angel-Keyo 0 0 PCBC Audition P3 :iconred-angel-keyo:Red-Angel-Keyo 0 0 PCBC 3 Audition P2 :iconred-angel-keyo:Red-Angel-Keyo 1 3 PCBC 3 Audition P1 :iconred-angel-keyo:Red-Angel-Keyo 1 5 PCBC 3 Reference :iconred-angel-keyo:Red-Angel-Keyo 8 4 PCBC Team Sketch Reference :iconred-angel-keyo:Red-Angel-Keyo 1 5
Shibusen NP Lesson 2
"No. No this one is not quite right either." Fei-Yen scowled. With the black camera held in her dainty hands she flicked back through all the other attempts. Like everything else this had to be perfect and none of these were anywhere near good enough. "No, no, no no." She paced the room punctuating each word with a press of the delete key, erasing each failure.
"I thought the last one was quite nice my Lady." Go commented from his couch. The coffee table before him was covered with magazines, scrolls and one or two diagrams.
"Go. You must understand. Every part of our partnership must be flawless from our grades, to our fighting, to our appearance!" She thrust the camera's little screen at her partner's face, giving him a close up view of Victory pose number 12. "And none of these have been good enough." She proclaimed returning to her uttered 'nos' and deletions.
Go furrowed his brow as he looked again at the papers on the table. He knew a lot about fighting but this whole 'pose' thin
:iconred-angel-keyo:Red-Angel-Keyo 2 4
SNP Lesson 3: First Soul.
"Y'know, this is the first time I've had to bring someone back so soon." the driver tried to make conversation, his deep voice booming out through his grizzly beard as the engine's roar made talking on the bus something of a challenge.
The young Chinese woman, the sole passenger upon this school bus/snow plough mongrel, sat silent upon the backseat. Surrounded by the small mountains that formed her luggage she had been none responsive to any of the burly driver's efforts to engage the lone traveller in conversation. The passive silence she currently put forward was marginally better than the sneer she'd given him whilst he had been lugging all her bags and cases on board. Shaking his bushy face bearing head, he refocused upon the road (or rather, the deep trench in the snow which counted for a road.)
For her part, Sima Fei-Yen had absolutely no desire to speak with the driver, or anyone for that matter. Wrapped up in quite possibly the only thermal jacket that could be described as lux
:iconred-angel-keyo:Red-Angel-Keyo 3 6
Shibusen NP: Lesson 1: Go :iconred-angel-keyo:Red-Angel-Keyo 2 13
Desire Round 1 Vs CZGrey
“Yoooou knooooow…” Charlotte drawled from her perch upon the deck railings. “He never said how long we should wait before declaring him dead, making me Captain, and sailing away from here.” She chirped.
“That’s because he’s coming back.” Cook asserted, her elbows propped up on said railing as she joined the ship’s first-mate in staring at the mountain before them. “This isn’t the first time he’s run off to do something stupid and reckless, and it won’t be the last either.”
“You’re still worried though, ain’t ya Cookie?” The Charlotte beamed.
“I am not!” Cook lied, badly, before giving in to her crew-mate’s quirked eye-brow. “Okay, so maybe I am…”
Swinging her long legs up and over the rail, Charlotte planted her (fabulous, expensive and exquisite) boots down the deck and clapped a hand on to Cook’s shoulder. “Don’t stress yourself too much, it
:iconred-angel-keyo:Red-Angel-Keyo 1 15
Desire Audition - Elijah.
It came at first in small trickles. ‘Something about a book, and a wish’ was a common line for Elijah to hear back then. Just the whisper of an idea, just enough to make the Captain’s ear twitch but no more than that. But with every port they visited, more information would seem to float around, a strange mountain standing in the middle of the ocean, a trial of mind, body, and spirit, that the book was only the start. Eventually, Elijah could barely take a step upon dry land without hearing ‘Grimoire’ echo in the streets amongst all the chatter.
“And because it’s all so amazingly bizarre is why I have decided to check it out!” The Captain proclaimed to his assembled crew, who stood watching as he packed up his canvas bag, taking extra care to check the ten-foot length of rope for fraying before setting to coiling it, sitting as he was, cross legged upon the deck, back against the mast and grinning like a Cheshire cat.
The ‘Second Star’
:iconred-angel-keyo:Red-Angel-Keyo 1 1
Desire Profile - Elijah
Name: Captain Elijah Avery Elizabeth Flynn (supposedly).
Age: Looks to be in his mid-twenties.
Gender: Male.
Race: Human.
-Physical details-
Height: About 5ft 10.
Build: Athletic.
Eyes: Green.
Skin: Caucasian, but tanned.
Defining features: Shoulder length, unkempt brown hair. Dashing rather than handsome.
Clothing: Elijah takes a lot of pride in his attire. A black old fashioned captain’s hat equipped with gold lining and two magnificent feathers, one red and one white. His shirt is unimpressive plain flannel, crossed with a thick leather belt running from shoulder to hip and his trousers are dark, thick and coarse while his boots are thick black leather beginning to wear thanks to over-exposure to water. His coat is long and impressive, a brilliant ruby red with gold lining and with wings in the same gold thread embroidered into the corners of the tails. The cuffs are large and carry shining buttons to clip them together (hidden pockets decorate the interior.) A
:iconred-angel-keyo:Red-Angel-Keyo 0 0
Endzone R.4.S.E. Part 2. :iconred-angel-keyo:Red-Angel-Keyo 0 0 Endzone R.4.S.E. Part 1. :iconred-angel-keyo:Red-Angel-Keyo 1 0


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With a spoon!
United Kingdom
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So as any of you who read this know I was defeated in Round 1 of Desire and have essentially sulked all year.

Well no more of that.

I've finally started putting up work for Shibusen NP (which I had started back in summer) and I figure it's about time I kicked my work on my Digimon Fanfiction (not posted here) back into full drive.

Largely I'm posting just to get the near year old diary entry away, but I've also decided to prattle. No-one really reads this anyway so it's the typing equivilant of talking to myself. Hooray for madness!

Recently a friend of mine had a rather explosive outburst regarding his hate for the popular series 'One Piece'. Whilst I myself am a fan of the show I couldn't help but be in awe of the sheer hatred that oozed from him and how entertaining it was. The most I could like it to was if someone were to expose Yahtzee of the Escapist to Gamma Radiation and watch as he mutates into a great beast fueled by rage. Except, rather than develop giant muscles and an urge to beat things he just spews absolute hatred on the given topic untila vein exploades from the overuse of certain profanities. (Hint, starts with 'f' and rhymes with 'truckin'.)

Maybe some day I'll post up a great big trawling review of my own views on the series and others...


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