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United Kingdom
Current Residence: Between a rock and a bookstore.
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So as any of you who read this know I was defeated in Round 1 of Desire and have essentially sulked all year.

Well no more of that.

I've finally started putting up work for Shibusen NP (which I had started back in summer) and I figure it's about time I kicked my work on my Digimon Fanfiction (not posted here) back into full drive.

Largely I'm posting just to get the near year old diary entry away, but I've also decided to prattle. No-one really reads this anyway so it's the typing equivilant of talking to myself. Hooray for madness!

Recently a friend of mine had a rather explosive outburst regarding his hate for the popular series 'One Piece'. Whilst I myself am a fan of the show I couldn't help but be in awe of the sheer hatred that oozed from him and how entertaining it was. The most I could like it to was if someone were to expose Yahtzee of the Escapist to Gamma Radiation and watch as he mutates into a great beast fueled by rage. Except, rather than develop giant muscles and an urge to beat things he just spews absolute hatred on the given topic untila vein exploades from the overuse of certain profanities. (Hint, starts with 'f' and rhymes with 'truckin'.)

Maybe some day I'll post up a great big trawling review of my own views on the series and others...


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